"Invest in the future at Hyline"

Hyline Angus Ranch was started in 1959, when Ray Van Dyke purchased ten registered heifers from Harrer's Valley Grove Angus. From the beginning the basic principles have been to have sound, functional cattle, that work for commercial cattlemen. 

The Hyline herd received national recognition by the bulls performing so well in performance test stations. The cow herd is managed the same as you would manage a commercial herd, they are on grass all summer with out creep. By doing this, we have found the true great cows year after year. 

Over the years, we have produced several sires that have been leaders in the angus breed. Such as, Hyline Travel Agent who sold for $180, 000 in our 1992 bull sale. Hyline SVF Rito 1116 also sold in the 1992 sale to EE Ranches and went on to produce a good number of upstanding females, many of whom are still in the herd today. 

The ranch has produced a number of females that have proved themselves over and over again. Such as, Hyline Pride Lucy 9043, Pride of Hyline 8040, and Hyline Pride 265 just to name a few. 

Hyline Angus started as a family operation and still upholds those same values today. We strive to bring you the best that the angus breed has to offer in terms of sound, functional, high performing cattle. 

Thank you, 
The Van Dykes